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We got seven now, that's looking better. I have asked other groups if I can advertize and if any of you know any other groups I can ask, please tell me! Thanks!

If we don't get enough then I'll cancel the OCT and close this club since there's little activity.

Read the FAQs and sign up just by stating so in the comments! I'm starting this to see if we really will have some participants. The last OCT was really awesome to be a part in and I'm looking forward to some new faces and entrants!…

:bulletblack: 1. What is OCT3?
It stands for Original Character Tournament. The "3" is there because this is the "third" time the club is doing it. Well, technically fourth since we never finished the real third one because of the huge lack of activity so we're trying again, just not tag-team.

:bulletblack: 2. How does an Original Character Tournament work?
Step 1: People sign up for the tournament.
Step 2: I put you all on this one big tournament-chart. You know what those look like, right? And it's all one-on-one battles. So basically, I'll pair you all into twos and you battle each other.
Step 3: The admins and I will discuss who should win each round.
Step 4: Winners advance and fight each other, losers.... lose. ^^;
Step 5: And so on and so forth until we have one winner. ^^

:bulletblack: 3. What do you mean by "battle each other"?
Well, maybe battle is the wrong word for it... You don't necessarily have to ninja fight each other, you just have to be in the same picture. (I'll take off points if I don't see some form of conflict though... even an angry face is good. D; )

:bulletblack: 4. But the admins are allowed to enter the contest too! How can they conduct the voting if they're in the contest?
Simple, they just won't. If we are judging a battle between someone and an admin (or me, the club leader), then the admin in the battle won't be able to vote at all. Same if it were two admins against each other.

:bulletblack: 5. Exactly how does the admin voting work?
We will all look at each specific battle and say which entry we like more. Then, the majority vote wins. The criteria for winning is as follows:
---Artistic Ability 33.3%
---Originality 33.4%
---Colour Use 33.3%
That's the last OCT's criteria.

:bulletblack: 6. What is the voting based on?
It's this:
---Artistic Ability 33.3%
---Originality 33.4%
---Colour Use 33.3%

:bulletblack: 7. What if I don't get along well with my opponent?
If for any reason you two are pissing each other off, I'll switch your tournament positions on the chart so you'll battle someone else. BUT, if I can easily tell who's being a jerk and who's the poor victim, I'll disqualify the jerk.
If I do end up switching people and you both advance until you come across each other again, then I'll give you guys some specific instructions. ^^ But anyway, I don't think we'll ever have to come across this kind of problem...

:bulletblack: 8. How long is it before the deadlines for each battle?
Most likely two weeks for each round. So in round one, I'll give you two weeks to get your entry in, we judge, and then I give you another two weeks for round two's entries. ^^

:bulletblack: 9. Oh no, Kage-sama! *insert tragedy here* ...and I couldn't get the entry in on time! What happens now?
Even if you didn't have a tragedy happen to you, I'll be glad to extend the due date for you. ^^ Just ask!</sub>

:bulletblack: 10. Oops. I didn't hand in my entry. What now?
If you don't have it done in time, just ask for an extension!

:bulletred: Prizes List: :bulletred:
:bulletorange: first place
- 3-month subscription from ShikuroxKanno
- Request (background) from ShikuroxKanno
- All four of your entries featured on the front page of N-U

:bulletorange: second place
- 3-month subscription from ShikuroxKanno
- Request (no background) from ShikuroxKanno

:bulletorange: third place
- 1-month subscription from ShikuroxKanno
- Lineart Request from ShikuroxKanno

:bulletorange: fourth place
- 1-month subscription from ShikuroxKanno
-  Request from ShikuroxKanno

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Group Info

Welcome to Ninja's United, a club for Naruto Original Characters! This club will have contests, OC battle tournaments, Naruto discussions; and of course, we'll have fun~!

If you wish to join, please scroll down and read the Rules and Regulations! ^^ Thank you!!
Founded 8 Years ago
Jan 15, 2008


Group Focus
Fan Club

118 Members
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Rules and Regulations

:bulletred::bulletred: RULES OF THE CLUB:bulletred::bulletred:

1. No Bashing. If you don't like someone else's OC, a pairing, or a Naruto character, there's no need to shout it out. Also, you can't be mean to other members. So please keep it to yourself, if you need to say something mean~
2. No Hentai art. You can fanservice a little, but nothing way way out there. I'm sure you'll know when you've crossed the line.
3. We'll only upload art that belongs to you. We don't support art thieves. (by the way, the passcode is gold) And if you think you can keep it a secret, we have a very dedicated ANBU. They will hunt you down~ :evillaugh:
4. No spamming. Your Kage is a very intellectual woman. She doesn't like stupid people, so beware!
5. Only upload three gallery submissions per day. This is to ensure that you don't take over the club with your artwork, and to avoid spamming the members. ^^; There's a set limit anyway, so it's not like you can break this rule.
6. Only upload three pages/chapters from the same story. This is like the above, as we do not want to be flooded with only one person's artwork. We're a club, not a one-man army!
7. Only upload deviations concerning Naruto OCs. We're a Naruto OC Club, so it's only fitting that only Naruto OCs be in the gallery.
8. Just have fun!! :D Self-explanatory.

:bulletorange::bulletorange: HOW TO JOIN :bulletorange::bulletorange:
In order to join, you must answer a few questions in your join request! But don't sweat it. Us at N-U just want to know you a little before letting you join. ^^

1. Give a brief description of one of your Naruto OCs.
2. Tell me your favorite character from Naruto. (pre or post timeskip doesn't matter)
3. What's the passcode?

In order to answer question #3, please read the Rules. The passcode is basically like a password, and we won't accept your join request unless you know it! This is to ensure that all members of our club know the rules. It's fairly easy to find as long as you carefully read them, and you'll know it when you see it! Consider this your Genin Exam!

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: HOW TO SUBMIT ARTWORK :bulletyellow::bulletyellow:
As a member, you can submit a deviation whenever you please. It will be approved first though (as in "voted on") by only one ANBU member, or the Kage. Also, please remember to submit your deviations into their correct folders. Contests will always have their own specific folder and the other folders should be very self-explanatory. However, if you do not know where you deviation should go, then just submit it to the featured folder for us to sort out. ^^

NOTE: The max amount of deviations you can submit at once is three. Also, make sure all gallery submissions pertain to Naruto OCs.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: TERMINOLOGY:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
written by EmeraldHearts, the founder

Since we're a Naruto OC Club, we like to use Naruto terms here. ^^
Kage = The Founder
Basically, the owner of this club. Who else could a Kage be?
ANBU = Co-Founders
The administrators. They didn't actually help found the club, but they are essential to it! They help with running the club by advising the Kage and helping her make decisions.</sub>
Jounin = Contributors
The non-admin force that is special and vital to this club. In other words, the really helpful members! They also help the Kage and ANBU with decision-making.
Genin/Chunin = Members
The members of the club, and the real power of it. This is where you'll start off when you join the club. Thanks for joining, Genin and Chuunin!

And that's it. ^^ Have fun, everyone~





Want to affiliate with us and don't know how? Just go to YOUR group page, Click the affiliate button in the left of the EDIT PAGE button, and put Ninjas-United in it :heart:


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